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21, Female, Classics, Philosophy, and International Relations student
Malcolm C. Leverrier is flawless.
That is all.

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Pixiv ID: 21082974

Over a year you say?

So real life just got p shitty. I then remembered this account. I’m re-reading D.Gray-Man now/getting back into this (hopefully…). 

Rejoice, Malcolm C. Leverrier is alive.

School has stolen me from my bby.

But since it’s settled down a bit, D.gray-man/photoshop will be my distractions from Ancient Greek and Wittgenstein.

Too bad D.gray-man would be hard to translate into Ancient Greek.


Μαλχωμ Σῑ Λεβερριερ


relenita:Oh! It's the first time I see a blog dedicated to Malcolm! Hello~

Someone has to be trend setter.